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Automobile Seal
Company Name Jinyang Oil Seal Co., Ltd.  Company Information   
Address 100-52 Galsan-dong, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
TEL 82-53-585-9834
Category Automotive / Rubber molding
Keyword Automobile Seal,Automobile Parts,Automobile Accessories
Detailed Description


Our oil seals for automobiles are mounted in the Engine, Shock/Absorber, Hub(Bearing) and other assemblies and they are managed by a systematic quality control with a constant durability test to secure high performance.

Engine Seal
Mounted on the front/back of a crank shaft of an engine, it perfectly seals the engine oil inside in both high temperature and RPM, and increases durability.
Power Steering Seal
Mounted on the power steering gear box under high-pressure environment, it has an integrated structure with back up ring inserted to reinforce sealing.
Transmission Seal
Mounted on the outside of mission, it seals against right, left rotation of the shaft, and transmission through dust prevention from outside.
HUB Bearing/Axle
Assembled in the wheel drive part of an automobile, it prevents dust from coming in from outside and grease on the inside of bearing from discharging.
Shock Absorber
Located in Shock/Absorber inside, one of suspension systems for an automobile, it plays a role to stand the internal pressure during reciprocation of a rod and prevent noise, oil leakage and dust from outside.
Gas Spring
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