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Inner Tubes, Metal, Sleeves
Company Name SUNGJIN FO-MA Inc.  Company Information   
Address 357-72 Hosan-dong, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
TEL 82-53-583-0002
Category Automotive / Former/Header
Keyword Inner Tubes,Metal,Sleeves
Detailed Description

Why Cold Forming? Why Sungjin?

  • Reduced scrap rates that result in raw material cost saving.
  • Cold forming allows increasingly complex components to be manufactured at very high production rates.
  • A lower cost alternative to screw machining and other manufacturing methods.
  • Individual machined parts can often be cold formed as one part for greater cost efficiency, as well as improved component strength.
  • Ability to form parts to a net or near-net shape with a good surface finish, thus requiring fewer secondary operations to achieve finished form.
  • Overall better, stronger, uniform quality parts at a reduced price.

Inner tubes - products for automotive rubber bush

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