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TOP Entry Mixer
Company Name Woojin Co., Ltd.  Company Information   
Address 14F Techno Park 95 Shinchun-dong, Dong-gu, Dae-gu
TEL 82-2-971-5650
Category Non-automotive / Textile machinery
Keyword top entry mixer
Detailed Description

Top Entry Mixers
for Flue Gas Desulfurization(FGD) System of Power Plant

  • For Reaction Tank of FGD Plant
  • For Slurry Process Tanks of FGD Plant
  • For Other Uses

Top Entry Mixer for Absorber Reaction Tank & Limestone Slurry Process
The mixer is for absorber reaction tank of flue gas desulfurization process, developed with genuine domestic technology by KOPEC(Korean Power Engineering Company) for 350MW and 500MW class thermal power plant.
Woojin can provide with the best mixer for any FGD process through qualified design technology for any requirement and verification system of it`s design result of products.

Top Entry Agitator for uses

  • For Absorber Reaction Tank
  • For Limestone Slurry Storage Tank
  • For Gypsum Dewatering Tank
  • For Mill Slurry Line Tanks

Design Data of Heavy-duty Top Entry Mixer for FGD Reaction Tank

Operating speed
Impeller diameter
Blade type
4LS Hydrofoil
Shaft diameter
Shaft length

Four-blade Neo-Hydrofoil impeller

Mixers Shaft
4-stage solid/hollow shafts, CS/rubber lined, diameter W=260/457mm, length L=17,530mm.
4 pieces of shafts to be coupled with flanges, and top shaft(driving shaft) to be inserted into the hollow shaft of gearbox.

Low Maintenance & Efficiency Increase

Woojin offers complete line of Mixers for the FGD process from the smallest sump to the largest Absorber Reaction Tank. We can provide the size and configuration of Mixer to achieve your plants for required process result.

We offer a full line of top entry Mixers. You will get proven design with all of the mechanical reliability you expected.

We supplied a very large Mixer for absorber reaction tank of Pyeongtaek Power Plant(pictures). It was installed in August 2004, no call for repair until now.

We can perform simulation of your process at our lab using your actual materials for process testing. It will provide you with the best way to high efficiency for your mixing process.

Knowledge in the Field

Woojin has lots of experience in the field.

Our sales engineers and R&D Center staffs are experts in mixers and mixing. They provide you with adequate technical support and quotation on mixers necessary for the process your engineers specify. Woojin`s engineers will support them fully and present ideas for the best way to conserve energy and high efficiency mixing dynamic.

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