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Address 1031, Daechun-dong, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president Nam, KiSoo
TEL 82-53-593-2000
FAX 82-53-593-2010
Employee 47
Date of Establishment 1984
About Us
We, have contributed to the development of the korean automobile industry since our establishment in 1984, as we have produced and delivered OEM precision processed parts such as car air-conditioner pulleys, automatic transmission parts, and so on.
As for the car air-conditioner pulleys, we succeeded early in their localization to contribute considerably to their import substitution effect, and have secured their top-level quality in the world to export them to companies such as GM, DELPHI in Australia, Germany, Italy, India, France and Brazil, Bumseo has secured a low cost and high-quality manufacturing systems beyond the simple manufacturing skills and by acquiring ISO9000 and TS16949, we are to challenge for the world-best company.
Product Catalog
  • Heat Sink Image
    Heat Sink
  • Fuel Injection Image
    Fuel Injection
  • Swash Plate Image
    Swash Plate
  • Pulley&Bearing Assembly Image
    Pulley&Bearing Assembly
  • Clutch Image
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