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Address 1-66, Wolam-dong, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president Lee, SungRo
TEL 82-53-581-8282
FAX 82-53-583-0383
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Date of Establishment 1992
About Us
Now, we live in technical innovation age that generate changes day by day and quality upgrading, cost reduction, management efficiency required desperately.

While our company helps in quality control through certification acquisition of ISO 9001and elevation to meet on this request, our company is squrring in development of new product.

We are doing effort of accomplishing differentiation with other company as products of highly quality and inexpensice price to improve international competitiveness in current point of time that protective trade policy and perfect competition doctrine are reinforced more.

With indomitable reclamation will and dream running powerfully for the hopeful 200s by important stepping-stones, we keep on stepping forward to creative tomorrow.

Han Dock Hi-Tech is famous as special production company to make Roller Rail and Ball Rail that are furnifure parts that can do to maximize business efficiency and productivity.
With the latest equipments, the best technology and always research concentration of mind we will do our best to satisfy your desire.

Hand dock Hi-Tech is producing good products by series automation system and the best engineer and motto of a company "Let`s make best with love and true heatr!" will taise dream of tomorrow faithfully to exccssively.
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    Ball rail
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    Under rail
  • Roller rail Image
    Roller rail