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Daeree Precision
Address 1-121, Buk-ri, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Dae-gu
president Kim, DaeYeol
TEL 82-53-616-0324
FAX 82-53-614-6491
Homepage  Homepage
Date of Establishment 1988
About Us
Since established in 1957, Daeree Precision Co., Ltd. has specialized in machining metal products. Based on long experiences and advanced technologies. It is mainly manufacturing a variety of components for automobile, with emphasis on engines and transmission.

Daeree Precision consists of 4 affiliated companies that are independently specializing in forging. precision machining, heat treating, grinding & finishing, designed especially to assure more competitive price and quality.

In fact, our long experience in machining has made it possible not only to develop advanced technology which is available for mass production with automation and specialization, but also to produce quality product at the lower cost. One of our company motto is that "The high quality control dese not always cost a great deal."

Dearee, certified by OS9000 and ISO9002, is focusing on enhancing capability of process workability and quality control, and employing the latest management technique, 6 sigma, to accomplish the Single PPM in the entire process.
  • SHAFT Pinion Image
    SHAFT Pinion
  • SPLINE Shaft Image
    SPLINE Shaft
  • Bush-Comp, Shaft Image
    Bush-Comp, Shaft
  • SHAFT Assy Control Image
    SHAFT Assy Control
  • Fleid Core Ass`y Image
    Fleid Core Ass`y