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Sun-il Leak & Flow Co., Ltd. (선일기전㈜)
Address 26-1, Bangchon-dong, Dong-gu, Dae-gu
president LEE, AN KYUN
TEL 82-53-986-1031
FAX 82-53-986-1035
Homepage Homepage
Employee 1-50
Sales US$1 Million - US$5 Million
Date of Establishment 19991206
About Us
Due to rapid technical developments in MICRO ELECTRONICS industry and technical advances in developing machinery and measuring devices, there have been many advances in production processes of robot, various machinery facilities and assembly fields. However, testers, one of the most important fields for the quality guarantee of various products, have been relatively neglected. Especially, the LEAK countermeasures for the effectiveness of factory automation, productivity increase and safety/performance of products became a very important task.

The company is composed of professional technicians in the field of design, control, process and assembly fields. The company was established in 1991 by recognizing `LEAK` being the most important aspect of the quality guarantee of car components, home electronics, gas or liquid products and has developed air leak test system, an important test facility for increasing or guaranteeing product quality. The company has projected the automation and stabilization of products, and supplied easy to use and economic products satisfying the needs of users.

The company will try its best to research and develop the most recent technologies in the field of Air,He leak tester, flow testers and performance testers with high durability to supply quick technical services for users.
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    Pressure / Flow Sensor
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    Calibator, Orifice
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    Process Meter
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    Bulb Checker
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    Leak Tester