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Tae Bok Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address #386-46, Jang-Dong, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president Tae-Duk Kim
TEL 82-53-583-2033
FAX 82-53-583-2035
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Date of Establishment 1991
About Us
Since the establishment in 1991, we have developed and produced core precision parts used for ship`s engine, steel manufacturing facilities, aerogenerator and other industrial machinery and have supplied them for various large domestic shipyard and steel manufacturing companies such as HHI(Hyundai Heavy Industries), DHI(Doosan Heavy Industries), STX, POSCO, etc.

We are contributing that Korea became No.1 shipbuilding company in the world. With advanced precision processing machines and high-tech human resources having various technical knowhow and experiences for long period and based on certified processing and cutting technologies, we are going forward to be a leading company in the field of precisional metal process.

We, the best company for the computerized production, have made all manufacturing processes and management computerized in 2008. Therefore, we will make our best to give more upgraded service to customers so that they can feel something beyond satisfaction.
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