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HANMEA ADM Co., Ltd. (한미에이디엠㈜)
Address 29-71, Bonri-ri, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Dae-gu
president JUNG YOUNG HO
TEL 82-10-7444-9568
FAX 82-53-615-0052
Homepage Homepage
Employee 101-500
Sales US$1 - US$5 Million
Date of Establishment 2000
About Us
I would like to show you how our products contribute to the Electronic and Automotive industries. Hanmea ADM manufactures key devices for the electronic products and automotive components such as EGR systems, oil pumps, alternators, compressors, starter motors and steering systems.

We are making all efforts to be a leader in aluminum die casting and industrial manufacturing in the 21st century.

To accomplish our vision we are cultivating men of ability, have an efficient equipment investment, practice new policies and develop advanced technology to provide our customers with the highest quality and competitive products.

In a rapidly changing world economy, we make every effort to meet customer satisfaction as well to maintain quality and reliability by flexibly responding to any changing circumstances.

Thank you.
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