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Address 140, Dalseo-daero 109-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea(Paho-dong), Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president Go Chang-Oh
TEL +82-53-583-5566
FAX +82-53-583-5570
Homepage Homepage
Employee 26
Date of Establishment 1980
Product Washing Machine
About Us
Compliment of Chairman
In the 1980`s required for new paradigm of washing machine for industry.

Hwasung Washing Machine stared
our first production at chimsan-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu city on an errand of Hwasung Engineering with a whole heart to make the world-class brand of industrial washing equipments even under much difficult economic and social circumstances.
Looking back on our past, our company is 30 years old without quite realizing it.

Even though the mind like young man`s bulldozer when we founded our company, which would accomplish our original intention, is sometimes lazy and takes things easy, as our customers have provided us with the carrot and the stick for us to produce better products with an attitude and power being able to renovate and renovate for the better road of our future, we bow as a mark of our thanks to them.

I also was engaged in washing field even in the age of twenty years.
aspired after greatness and have pursued it to this day.
The ambition to make world-class brand when founding our company is now incomplate to this day When I was over forty years old and is getting on fifty.
As "Hwansung Washing Machine" your close parther, has the strongest capital, technology, and nationwide A/S nets, we firmly believe we arewithout a peer.
Meantime, numerous customers and preparatory founders who have loved our Hwasung Washing Machine!
Like the grand appearance of a tree with deep roots never sways in any rainstorm or snowstorm, please recognize our Hwasung is a big tree in the washing field and we ask your much more support and encouragement even in the future, fishing off this compliment.

Thank you.