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Address 703, Jangsu-ro, Hwasan-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, Kyungbuk
president Ma Kook-chul
TEL +82-54-333-9991
FAX +82-54-334-6821
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Employee 29
Date of Establishment
Product Induction Heating Equipment, Induction Power Supply
About Us
For the most reliable induction heating systems, please contact Korea Neturen Co., Ltd. Our customer-satisfaction system is designed for your specific application with higher reliability, efficiency and productivity.
As a specialized business enterprise of high-frequency induction heating, Korea Neturen joint-ventured with Neturen Japan, has supplied the newest equipment for rapidly growing domestic industry.
We started with Vacuum-tube type Oscillators and Thyristor(SCR) type now manufacturing mainly Transistor type power supply. Realizing that the only competitiveness to survive in the industrialized society comes from higher quality products, we make every effort to raise the quality of our customers’ product.
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