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Address 141-1, Obong-Ro, Buk-gu, Dae-gu
president Moon Yu-jin
TEL +82-53-355-7040
FAX +82-53-358-8960
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Employee 20
Date of Establishment
Product Heat Treatment Equipment, Other Equipment, Heater & Parts of Furnace Material,
About Us
E-JIN HEATING SYSTEM is credited with stable business results and a substantial progress capacity, with advanced technical skills in both designing and building Vacuum Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace, Brazing Furnace, etc. Our staff will do all they can to assist you with quick responses concerning new technologies and any other inquiries you may have and aim to provide an optimal customer service.
We are making relentless efforts: not only when it comes to the technical aspects but also in stabilizing product quality. Our team of skilled engineers is available for after sales services with quick response times.
Our number one priority is to provide a complete follow-up service and improving product quality. We will do everything to match our customers’ expectations consistently.
Thank you.
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    Other Equipment
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    Heater & Parts of Furnace Material
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    Heat Treatment Equipment
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    Heat Treatment Equipment