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Address 741-B Institute of Industrial Technology 1737 Deamyeoung-dong, Nam-gu, Dae-gu
president Lee Ho-Yong
TEL +82-53-650-9690
FAX +82-53-650-9691
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Employee 23
Date of Establishment
Product Cutting Blades for Ceramic, Slitting Knives for Corrugator Slitting Scorer, Round Bars for Drill& EndMill, Contact probe for MLCC, High Voltage Bushing
About Us
ACRO ENG is a leader in the development, application and manufacture of Micro Grain Size Cemented Carbide product.

Our business is focused on Cutting tools such as Blades, Slitting Knives, Round Bars for End mill, Drill, Reamer, Plates for Punch Die set for Semiconductor lead frame.

We pursue Niche Market to worldwide because our strongest asset is specialty in Metallurgical and Fine Grinding Technology of cemented carbide products.

We can provide products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers expectations.
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