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Address 887-94, Gumdan-Dong, Bug-gu, Daegu, Korea, Buk-gu, Dae-gu
president Kyung Ho, Kim
TEL 82-53-382-8080
FAX 82-53-382-0880
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Employee 11
Date of Establishment 1979
About Us
1979, it is establishment is producing saw machine for cutting specially until present, and field of saw machine for cutting is trying to keep normalcy`s mark and supplies widely product that is excellent with an accumulative technology meantime to constant research and development more than 30 years.Also, manufacture Urethane Rolling M/C , L.P.G Cylinder Line and supplying in
auto-component, appliance, an industry component production enterprise.In addition, I am trying various industry machine and customer roll important position do according to knowing topology of worked material and property of quality of the material personal plane manufacture and gives maximum satisfaction on customer`s various request.
  • Vertical Band Sawing M/cC Image
    Vertical Band Sawing M/cC
  • Urethane Rolling M/C Image
    Urethane Rolling M/C
  • Circular Sawing M/C Image
    Circular Sawing M/C