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WOOJIN Auto (우진오토)
Address 10-2, 1ga, Nowon-dong, Buk-gu, Dae-gu
president SeokHyun, Choi
TEL 82-53-358-0988
FAX 82-53-352-0989
Homepage Homepage
Employee 3
Date of Establishment 2003
About Us
Product development and production in our company is a drilling machine installation tools, Trek developed the world`s first multi-axis head, attached to the drill and tap machine with multi-axis head a big hole in the track at the same time to produce the correct dimensions without replacing the tool you can.

In addition, holes (holes) when working with hole (hole) centers are exactly twice as productive work, so easy to work without movement, accuracy, and increase two-fold, easy to handle, you can easily work even for beginners.

Anyone broaching machine operation easy as possible its products is highly competitive.
Let us all work harder in the development of customers with continuous technology development and quality.
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    Broaching Machine