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Joyang Metal (조양금속공업)
Address 27, 24gil, Seongseo-ro, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president PanKyu, Kim
TEL 82-53-583-2272
FAX 82-53-583-2274
Homepage Homepage
Employee 11
Date of Establishment 1982
About Us
Since the establishment of our company in 1982 under the ownership of practice and quality of upcoming sales philosophy
Powder metallurgy in the automotive industry, electrical and electronics industry and other industrial sectors (sintering) and supply parts and compacted by leaps and challenges enterprise customers trust chief aim.
We promise to supply the best product experience and practical know-how, We will be a company that is always trying to give the best possible results returned to the customer.
Various website for anyone who wants to know more about our company and powder metallurgy, and to provide you with the correct information. I`m very much obliged to you.
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