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Address 225, Gobong-ri, Guji-myun, Dalseong-gun, Dae-gu
president GiYoung, Kwak
TEL 82-53-615-2111
FAX 82-53-614-3552
Homepage  Homepage
Employee 92
Date of Establishment 1961
About Us
Thank you for this opportunity to present our line of high quality power generation equipments. For around last 50 years Bokuk has been performing various projects for power generation system in the world with following wide range of power generation equipments.

Total power solution provider !
This is our slogan and target for the future. The whole world is our market,
and we are doing our best efforts with high technology and quality products to serve customers` requirement continuously.

The power generation business is on the move and Bokuk is responding to every
challenge with speed and new innovations. We will continue to design new products so that we can advance new business trend of the world and meet growing demand worldwide.

Looking forward to joining with you for your projects in the near future.

  • Alternator, Gasoline Generator Set Image
    Alternator, Gasoline Generator Set