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Address 71, Dalgubeol-daero 250 gil, Dalseo-gu, Dae-gu
president Ko, HyunSeok
TEL 82-53-583-1171
FAX 82-53-583-0262
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Employee 106
Date of Establishment 1985
About Us
Founded on the basis of press mold manufacturing technology which was strengthened at Hwashin Tech Co.,Ltd. that shared the beginning period of auto industry of Korea, Hwashin Tech Co., Ltd. is presently fortifying its position as a pioneer of the business circle.
Based on the technology for the best quality, high-tech facilities and outstanding manpower, the company will do its best to meet the demands for precision mold and expanding the function of R&D center, which was established for such purpose.
With the proposition that Hwashin Tech exists because there are customers at the front, the company promises to become a leader in the high-tech mold technology by the entire staff and directors to endeavor to technical development and enhancement of quality of the products as if they are researchers until we can move the customers as their trustful partner.
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