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Address Dalseong Industrial Complex, 1-121, Buk-ri, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Dae-gu
president Kim, ChangHyun
TEL 82-53-615-1110
FAX 82-53-615-2673
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Employee 100
Date of Establishment 1978
About Us
Since its foundation in 1978, Ohdae Metal has been manufacturing main precisions such as automotive engines and missions, on the strength of experiences and achievements in metal processing treatments that include cold forging, cutting process, heating treatment, surface treatment, etc.

Our expertise based on technology that has been accumulated through decades as well as thorough craftsmanship made us possible to manufacture competitive products with high quality. Receiving recognitions from our major customers home and abroad, we are facing the new era for leaping forward to an innovative future.
We will always strive to be a world-leading manufacturer of automotive parts to exceed our customers’ expectations and your constant response to our efforts will be a valuable inspiration.
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