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LETECH (㈜리테크)
Address 42, 45-gil, Palgong-ro, Dong-gu, Dae-gu
president Kwon, JinHee
TEL 82-53-383-7181
FAX 82-53-383-7188
Homepage Homepage
Employee 32
Date of Establishment 1999
About Us
Since we started our business in 1999, We have localized and supplied high quality ultrasonic wave measuring instruments for our customers in water treatment, businesses plant, waste water treatment plant and more. Our company is also expanding our business into designing and manufacturing water treatment system control as well as factory and building auto control, all of which we have guaranteed high customer satisfactions and received countless positive reviews.
Recently, our vision to be green has put us under a new project, industry-academic joint research, to commercialize our new product-equipment that reduces sludge volume, We promise that we will continue to develop more high quality products and to provide satisfactory customer services.
  • Immersion Type Level Transmitter (LT-600) Image
    Immersion Type Level Transmitter (LT-600)
  • Radar Level Meter (Radar-200) Image
    Radar Level Meter (Radar-200)
  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter (LF-200) Image
    Electromagnetic Flow Meter (LF-200)